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Canine Treadmill Workouts in Dallas

Canine Treadmill Workouts

What is a Treadmill Workout?

Treadmill workouts are performed on a Slatmill (a treadmill for dogs) to improve their overall physical and mental health. The benefits are vast for physical fitness and rehabilitation to enhance strength and stamina, prevent obesity, aid weight loss, and provide mental stimulation and behavior modification.

Our non-motorized equipment allows your pup to move at its own pace. So when your pet increases their speed or slows down, the treadmill will speed up or slow down with them.

Our Coaches monitor all workouts to ensure sessions are safe and fun and that your pets have a positive experience.

Should pets have special requirements, all workouts are customizable to meet their training needs.

Dog Treadmill Workouts Dallas Texas

Benefits of Treadmill Workouts

  • Great full-body workout without the impact of walking or running on concrete or hard surfaces.
  • Improves behavioral issues for dogs that have difficulty interacting in groups due to higher energy levels that can trigger undesirable reactions from other dogs.
  • Can help build confidence in timid dogs.
  • Allows your dog to consistently exercise regardless of weather conditions.
  • Provides additional exercise that can improve movement and overall wellbeing in addition to daily dog walks.
  • Helps decrease boredom curbing destructive behavior.
  • In conjunction with a healthy diet can help prevent obesity by building muscle tone, increasing stamina, and losing weight.
  • Aids in training, conditioning, or rehabilitation.
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness.

Treadmill Sessions Include:

  • Personalized workouts determined by your dog’s breed, age, and health
  • Fresh bottle water 
  • Treats given, if allowed
  • A potty break and warm-up before and a potty break after each workout
  • Bi-weekly progress reports about how your pup is doing
  • Feedback through email or a text with a video from your dog’s Coach after each session
  • Lots of love, cheers, and encouragement 🤍

Treadmill Workouts Pricing & Packages

All services include Real Meet dog treats, bottled water service, a potty break before and after each session, and daily feedback via text message including videos. 

All dogs must complete an initial Treadmill Workout before purchasing a package. 

Packages must be used within six months of the first date of service.


$ 65
  • Per pet in the household.


$ 240
  • for the first pet.

    $220 per week for each additional pet.

    Packages are billed in full,
    on the first of each month.


$ 440
  • for the first pet.

    $400 per week for each additional pet.

    Packages are billed in full,
    on the first of each month.
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