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Policies and FAQs

Our Policies

To provide the best possible care for our Client’s pets, we enforce the following policies.
We believe these policies act in the best interests of our Client and The Packin Method team members.

Initial Treadmill Workout

Initial treadmill workouts occur at the Client’s home; pet parents must be present, so we can meet your pets, learn about their physical fitness levels, and ensure our services are the right fit for your pups.

Before the meeting, you must complete your client profile (including an up-to-date credit card), so your pup’s Coach can review the information and come prepared with any questions they may have.


All services are charged in full at the time of booking. 

All services outside of our service area will incur a Travel Fee of $1 per mile, per session.

All clients must keep an up-to-date credit card on file. Should the credit card on file expire or decline, the Client will be charged a $10.00 fee.

Home Access​

Clients Who Live In Free Standing Homes:

At the time of the initial workout, The Packin Method will provide new Client’s with a lockbox at a one time fee of $35; unless the Client uses a coded lock on their front door or garage.  At the time of the initial workout, the lockbox code and the location of the lockbox will be determined. 

Clients Who Live In Buildings:

Clients who live in a building will be required to leave one set of keys, a fob or access card to their unit with the concierge or front desk of their building on the start date of service, which will then be left for the Client with the concierge after the completion of services. If there isn’t a concierge or front desk, then a lock box must be used for access to the clients unit.

Cancellations & No Shows

We understand that life happens, and sometimes you must cancel your plans. Of course, nobody likes to pay for a service they did not use. However, since we schedule our Client’s sessions so precisely and turn away other clients to give each pet in our care their desired amount of time, care, and attention, we typically cannot fill the empty spot a cancellation creates.

To provide the absolute best care for our Client’s pets, keep our Coaches happy and productive, and ensure our office is operating as efficiently as possible, we have implemented the following Cancellation Policies for all appointments.

All services must be canceled 24 hours in advance from the start date and time the session is scheduled, or the Client will be charged for the total rate of services. 

No Shows: Should a Coacarrive for a scheduled service and be turned away or the pet is not home, the full-service charge will incur.

Why Do We Enforce A Cancellation Policy?

Cancelation police are put into effect to protect the customer’s and the business and make sure they are mutually committed to the transaction. In addition, it allows the company to adequately and efficiently schedule its services. 
In the world of canine fitness, we can only workout pets from one household at a time, so having these policies in place is particularly important. If a Client cancels without enough notice, it is doubtful that we will find another appointment to fill in.
The Client can always refuse to pay it. However, we won’t be able to accept bookings moving forward if that happens. We want Clients who respect us as much as we respect them, their pets, and their homes.

Online Reservations & Profile

Our super convenient online scheduling system makes requesting workouts for your pets easy. You must use the online scheduling program to book all services. This helps us keep communications clear and in one place. It is your responsibility to keep your profile up to date; this is what our Coaches refer to when creating a fitness plan tailored to your pet’s individual needs. 

Friends & Family Access

We understand that your friends and families may want to check in on your pets while you are away; however, to ensure the safety of your pets and home, only residents of the dwelling are allowed access during scheduled services. 
If we arrive at your home and there is an unexpected person in your home, we will contact you right away. If we don’t reach you, we will leave the premises immediately.  
The Packin Method is not responsible for any damages to or in your home or your pet during any period that anyone other than The Packin Method has access to your home during scheduled services. Failure to comply will result in a breach of contract, as our insurance does not permit such situations, and all future services will be terminated.


The Packin Method will be closed on the following national holidays: 
  • New Year’s Day 
  • Easter 
  • Memorial Day 
  • Independence Day 
  • Labor Day 
  • Thanksgiving 
  • Christmas Day

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend consulting your veterinarian before beginning your dog on any fitness or therapy program.
Proof of up-to-date vaccines, including Rabies, must be provided before a dog’s initial workout is to take place.
All of our canine clients must be at least four months old to workout on the treadmill.

We ask that your client profile be completed and all forms related to the services you will be requesting be signed before your dog’s first session.

Appointments are scheduled on the hour or half hour. However, we allow a 30-minute window before and after your scheduled time to accommodate traffic, weather, and unexpected scheduling adjustments.

You will receive an automated confirmation text 24 hours before your scheduled service.

Before we arrive, please give your dog a potty break and get them harnessed and leashed up for their session.

Please be sure that any feedings take place at least two hours before sessions are to begin to prevent upset stomachs, full bowels, or bloat.

Do not allow your dog to drink water at least 30 minutes before sessions begin.

Once we arrive, please bring your dog outside to the mobile gym for their session; unless you are not home during the scheduled time, we will collect them.

Expect your dog to have a fantastic time and reap the rewards of feeling healthy, happy, and mentally and physically tired – a good tired!

Our top priorities are safety and positivity with prompt and professional service. Our goal is to give your dog the best workout, customized to their needs.

We closely supervise their movements and encourage them to “work” (walk, trot, or run, whatever their speed) throughout the session, stopping for breaks and water as needed. This is their time; we want them to enjoy it thoroughly.

Our equipment has no motor, so your dog does all the work, which allows them to go at their own pace.

We are there to ensure a safe and fun session with positive reinforcement via cheering, clapping, squeaky toys, and overall love and affection. In addition, treats are used as encouragement on a case-by-case basis.

It’s called a kerplunk!

When your dog comes home from an amazing workout and becomes one with the tile floor, tongue out, smiling from ear to ear, and wagging its tail.

We suggest offering water in smaller amounts so your dog doesn’t consume an entire bowl at once and potentially vomit, and wait at least one hour after their sessions to offer a meal.

Some dogs get the zoomies (a burst of energy) after their session; that’s normal, too. Their endorphins and adrenaline are still pumping. Once their heart rate slows down and they relax, the energy will burn off.

For unconditioned or older dogs, we recommend a massage after their workout. This will help release lactic acid and prevent soreness over the next few days.

Massage and bodywork can be an intense experience for a dog, initially. However, the first session typically lasts longer as the dog needs to become comfortable with a different type therapy or workout.

You may find your dog to be a little quieter and lethargic. Some dogs during this time called “The Healing Crisis”, the time where your dog’s body restores its natural balance and begins to heal itself, may feel worse for the first 24-48 hours afterwards

The benefit of our mobile gym is that we provide one-on-one private sessions. Therefore, we will only work out multiple pets together when they are from the same household.

We require pet parents to be present at their dog’s initial workout. This allows us to learn more about your pets, provides comfort to your dog in a new environment, and gives pet parents insight into a typical session.

For all future services, pet parents do not need to be home. However, a lockbox must be set up to allow us access to retrieve your dog. For more information about lockboxes, please review our lockbox policies.

We do not base our sessions on a clock. Instead, our focus is to provide workouts or therapy tailored to our client’s dog’s breed, age, and health and take the time needed to complete the service correctly. Sessions may be shorter if dogs are not conditioned or have a medical or physical condition that limits their ability to exercise.

Treadmill Workouts

For dogs that are conditioned, we recommend twice weekly sessions on the treadmill with a few days in between for recovery.  All other dogs will benefit once per week until they build strength and endurance.


Often based on the dogs health and need, however we do not recommend more than twice per week.


We recommend two to three times per week to see the best results.

Dog Walks

Five days a week. 

Let's get your dog feeling healthy and balanced.

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