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Dog Walking Services in Dallas

Dog Walking

Why Are Dog Walks Important?

Dog walks are one of the most important basic activities a pet parent can provide their pet.

Dog walks promote both a healthier body and mind. Exploring new paths and seeing other people and pets help strengthen their social skills, which creates a more well-rounded pet.

Sniffing new smells and taking in the great outdoors promotes mental stimulation for your dog that they can not get from being let out in their backyard or using wee wee pads.

Benefits of Dog Walking

  • Keeps your pet strong and promotes joint health for mobility.
  • Helps keep digestive and urinary health consistent and prevents urinary tract infections.
  • Eliminates messes in the home.
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness.
  • Nurtures them emotionally.
  • Releases any pent-up energy.
  • Decreases boredom curbing destructive behavior.
  • Allows for exploration of new environments creating much-needed mental stimulation.
  • In conjunction with a healthy diet can help prevent obesity by building muscle tone, increasing stamina, and weight loss.

Dog Walks Include:

  • Proper exercise around your neighborhood – time outside is determined by your dog’s breed, age, and health
  • Water refreshment
  • Bowls cleaned
  • Meal served, if needed
  • Treats given, if allowed
  • Medication administered, if required
  • Feedback through email from your dog’s Coach after each visit
  • Lots of fun, playtime, socialization, and TLC 🤍

Dog Walking Pricing & Packages

Dog Walks are offered Monday-Friday

All services include Dog Momma’s organic handcrafted dog treats, bottled water service, a potty break before and after each session, and daily feedback via email. 

Packages must be used within six months of the first date of service. 

Single Dog Walks

$ 30
  • + $5 per additional dog

Dog Walking 5-Pack
(One Week)

$ 135
  • + $5 per day per additional dog

Dog Walking 20-Pack
(One Month)

$ 500
  • + $5 per day per additional dog
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